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Matching Initiative multiplies Emergency Services for Holocaust Survivors


For Immediate Release:


Amy Israel Pregulman


April 2021 – As the pandemic approaches its year mark, Holocaust Survivors across the United States continue to face new and…

Jewish Family Services Indy Receives Funds for Holocaust Survivor Care


March 11, 2021


Rebecca Dinar, JFNA, (305) 710-5361

Andrea Krusynski, JFGI,

Jewish Family Services Indianapolis Receives Funds for Holocaust Survivor Care

Jewish Family Services Indianapolis is proud to announce it has received a g…

Combatting Antisemitism Through Partnerships

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is a local organization that combats anti-Jewish bigotry through education & advocacy. Currently, we continue to see an increase in people experiencing antisemitism in Indiana, with many of the incidents impacting the Jewish community’s school-…

Sliding ‘Dors’: New Cohort of 2nd Generation Holocaust Survivors

The alarming results of the recent national Holocaust survey done by the Claims Conference reveals how little Millennials and Gen Z know about the Holocaust. A few shocking results show that - 
63 percent of respondents do not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.
23 perc…

The Safe Indy Security Initiative: Looking Forward

The Jewish Federation (JFGI), partner agencies, local Jewish organizations, and Greater Indianapolis synagogues continue to support the Safe Indy Security Initiative, which was launched in Spring 2020. With the rise in antisemitic hate crimes, and the unique security threats posed by COVID-1…