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Parents’ Night Out Program 2019
Volunteer Expectations

The Parent’s Night Out (PNO) program aids in creating stronger family systems by offering parents of children with special needs a respite opportunity, as well as inclusive programming for children of all abilities in a safe, Jewish environment.

General Statement of Parent’s Night Out Policy
The JFS Parents’ Night Out Program exists to provide the maximum benefit for the children and families we serve. While effort will be made to provide for the needs of our employees and volunteers, KIDS COME FIRST. Volunteer behavior must always reflect this expectation.

Health and Safety
The safety and well-being of each child is of primary importance. A registration and level of care assessment form will be sent to each parent. This must be completed and returned before any child will be allowed to attend the PNO Program. In order to provide sufficient care to every child in attendance, our average adult-to-child ratio is 2:1.

In order to achieve our goal of providing the maximum benefit for children and their families, all volunteers are expected to be present and punctual each time they are scheduled to volunteer. In the event of a true emergency that forces a volunteer to arrive late or cancel, they must call Program Director as soon as possible so an alternative staffing plan can be put in place. Arriving late or leaving early without approval from a supervisor, except in the case of a true emergency, is unacceptable.
*Please note: volunteers are not expected to attend every session. The Program Director will reach out one month prior to see if you’re available and interested in signing up.

The PNO Staff and Volunteer Team
Parents Night Out employs trained staff to work directly with children who need specialized-assistance during the evening. It is the responsibility of the trained-staff, and not the volunteers, to assist with toileting, snack-distribution, and any medication administration. As a staff and volunteer team, the primary goal is to help create a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for all the children who participate.

Next Steps
Contact Program Director for more information. As the safety of the children are of the utmost importance, volunteers may be asked to undergo a Background Check, a Formal Interview, and may be asked to submit a Resume and Character Reference Letters. Additionally, all volunteers will be asked to sign a more extensive volunteer-expectations form and will have the opportunity to communicate with the Program Director to go over any possible questions or concerns.

Program Dates
PNO 2019-2020 takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 6:00-10:00 pm. Volunteers are expected to arrive no later than 5:30 pm. If a volunteer needs to come later due to the observance of Shabbat, exceptions can be made if requested in advance.

For the most updated list of program dates, please view the Jewish Federation’s Community Calendar: