12 2020

Virtual Visit - Author Sarah Menkedick "At the J"

2:00PM - 3:00PM  

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This event is online-only - head to facebook.com/JCCindyArts for a livestream with Sarah!

Fear among new mothers is a growing but largely unrecognized crisis. In the months before and after birth, countless women suffer from overwhelming feelings of fear, grief or obsession that do not fall neatly within the outmoded category of “postpartum depression.” These women are left isolated and captive, fending for themselves with scarce resources for their care and precious little time or support as they attempt to distinguish normal worry from debilitating anxiety. This crippling state of madness, though sometimes temporary, is commonly left untreated and, perhaps even more dangerously, treated as taboo in today’s culture. You may relate to these feelings. Someone you care about may relate to these feelings.

Sarah Menkedick’s new book is thoughtful and masterfully written. ORDINARY INSANITY is a groundbreaking exposé and diagnosis of the silent epidemic of fear afflicting mothers and a candid, feminist deep dive into the culture, science, history and psychology of contemporary motherhood. Writing with profound empathy, visceral honesty and deep understanding, Menkedick makes clear how critical the need is to expand awareness, compassion and care for women’s lives.

Part of the J's Family Engagement series