5 2021

Safe Indy Security Trainings

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Situational Awareness Training
7 p.m. March 1 | 12 p.m. April 5 |  7 p.m. May 10
A comprehensive training program designed to prepare community members to improve their situational awareness and increase their safety – from school drop off to attending synagogue. This unique training addresses the threats facing the Jewish community and for everyday situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what Situational Awareness is;
  • Understand how Situational Awareness can help protect your family and community;
  • Be able to identify incidents where Situational Awareness improved the outcome of a bad situation;
  • Recall and demonstrate the techniques for observing, reporting and reacting to suspicious behavior, and;
  • Be able to evaluate potential risk situations to identify threats and appropriate safety measures.

Countering Active Threat Training
7 p.m. March 15 | 12 p.m. April 19 | 7 p.m. May 24
A comprehensive training program to counter an active threat event developed for faith-based institutions and Houses of Worship.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the difference of an Active Threat;
  • Know the difference between security and safety;
  • Have a better understanding of Active Threat incidents;
  • Identify and explain modes of action during active shooter incident: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT;
  • Understand how to prepare for an Active Threat event;
  • Know how to respond to law enforcement’s arrival;
  • Recognize importance of additional trainings such as “Stop the Bleed” and;
  • Be able to commit to action during an Active Threat event.

 Visit http://bit.ly/SafeIndySpring to register for each of these trainings during any six available times and dates.

Contact Grant Mendenhall at gmendenhall@jfgi.org with questions.  Visit jewishindianapolis.org/safeindy for more information.