13 2020

Partnership - L'Chaim with Israeli Master Distiller Yuval

1:00PM - 2:00PM  

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Partnership2Gether L'Chaim for Rosh Hashana!
Virtual guided tastings with Master Distiller Yuval Hargil from the famous Julius Distillery.
Enjoy a taste of Israel, farm to bottle!

Yuval (Joov) Har-Gil is the owner and co-founder of Jullius distillery – The First Artisanal Craft Distillery in Israel - situated in Kibbutz Hanita at the Western Galilee. Julius Distillery is as enviromental as it gets, using solar energy to power its distilling process, using locally grown raw materials, and recycling and reusing all its byproducts. A true Farm to Bottle Spirits!

In the event we will try together two products:

Marc de Galilee - Eau de vie that made from red grapes Pomace. Aged in oak barrels for 3 years.
Eau de Vie de Etrog (citron) - eau de vie distilled from local citrons (Etrog) that were mashed and fermented in low temperatures to retain the natural aromas.
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