9 2021

David Javerbaum - Book of Psalms

8:00PM - 9:00PM  


$ Cost $ 10.00

Just in time for the Apocalypse comes a new Biblical scripture from God and 13-time Emmy Award–winning comedy writer David Javerbaum. Three thousand years ago, King David wrote The Book of Psalms—hymns in praise of God that became famous worldwide. Now, with humanity on the verge of a self-generated catastrophe, God (with the help of another David) has decided to return, and reverse, the favor. God has collected a cornucopia of insults of the human race in the form of prose, poetry, and parody. From topics as diverse as COVID-19, racism, meth, math, and on a lighter note, the platypus, God provides a 21st-century spin on life’s many problems. Even the Holy Ghost stops by to make sure you don’t forget him. Anybody who’s a fan of @TheTweetofGod and/or NOT a fan of the human race is sure to love The Book of Pslams.

About the Author

David Javerbaum is a former head writer and executive producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He is the coauthor of that show’s bestsellers, America: The Book and Earth: The Book, and author of the pregnancy parody What to Expect When You’re Expected.