School Investigates Swastika Poster at Grayslake North High School

By: Sam Borcia

Originally published: Lake & McHenry County Scanner

School officials say they are investigating after a student hung up a swastika poster in a restroom at Grayslake North High School Tuesday afternoon.

Grayslake North High School Principal James Roscoe sent an email to students and families in Grayslake School District 127.

Roscoe said that the school was made aware of a social media post that “directly contradicts the values of Grayslake North.”

The post showed a swastika poster in a Grayslake North High School bathroom, Roscoe said.

The post was edited to include other messaging in various reposts of the photo.

Roscoe said an investigation showed that the swastika poster was stolen from a World History project by a student in the class.

The poster was then used to “fashion a highly offensive public display in a bathroom,” he said.

A student who came upon the poster immediately reported it and it was taken down within 10 minutes of being hung in the restroom.

“Please know that we are taking this very seriously and are addressing all involved,” Roscoe said in the email.

The non-profit organization StopAntisemitism said on Twitter that the display was “horrifying” and called on Grayslake North High School to complete a “full investigation” into the incident.