'Save Ireland from the Jews' banners hung over Cincinnati overpasses

Originally posted by The Jerusalem Post

Banners calling to "save Ireland from the Jews" were hung over Cincinnati, Ohio overpasses on Sunday, American Jewish organizations reported.

One of the banners was white, with green lettering and a clover, while "Jew" was written in blue with a star of David instead of the letter "E."

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati said that the banners were suspended from pedestrian bridges near downtown Cincinnati.

"We immediately coordinated with our security arm, SAFE Cincinnati, law enforcement, and local elected leaders to ensure that the banners were removed without delay—and they were," the Federation said on social media on Sunday.

"Although the banners are gone, they are a sad reminder of the current prevalence of antisemitism and our need to remain vigilant; however we have not identified any further threats or antisemitic activity related to this incident."

May be inspired by 'Great Replacement' conspiracy theory

The American Jewish Committee said Sunday that the banner was outrageous and antisemitic, and thanked officials for removing the display.

St. Patrick's Day was held on Sunday, a holiday celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. As a cultural event, the holiday is celebrated with symbols and paraphernalia associated with Ireland.

Ireland is facing a heated debate about immigration following notable violent crimes committed by immigrants. A common antisemitic conspiracy theory casts the Jewish people as a whole as the masterminds behind undesired immigration into Western countries.