3 Students Charged after Jewish Religious Symbol Vandalized on Campus

By: Peter Curi

Originally published: wdtn.com

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Three Miami University students have been charged after vandalizing property at a Jewish campus organization.

According to the Oxford Police Department, a Sukkah was found damaged at the Hillel building at 11 East Walnut Street on Oct. 15. The Hillel building is a Jewish campus organization.

A Sukkah is a booth or shelter with a roof of branches and leaves that is used especially for meals during the Jewish holiday Sukkoth, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Upon investigation, police reviewed surveillance video from early that morning and discovered three men entered the backyard, looked at the Sukkah, and then pushed it over before running away.

The surveillance video was shared to the public, which resulted in the three suspects coming forward and admitting their actions.

Kevin Ladriere, 20, Eli Lauger, 20, and Santiago Arenas, 19, have been charged with a felony of vandalism. All three men are Miami University students.

Oxford police has determined that there was no religious bias involved with the crime. The three suspects reportedly did not know they were damaging a religious symbol, the effects were reportedly felt by the local Jewish community.