Lori Moss's Menorah Collection

Lori Moss has quite the extensive Menorah collection. She says she has about 85 menorahs, and much of her collection was started by her father-in-law, who would gift one to her each year. Each Menorah shares a special place in her heart, and each has a beautiful memory. Her collection is unique; some are handmade, some are handed down from previous generations, and some are rare limited editions that you can’t find anywhere.


As many people know I love Hanukkah and collecting Menorahs from everywhere!! These are just 3 of mine that I think are unique! The first one is of a motorcycle and I've never seen one like it and it reminds me of Uncle Leon Mordoh z"l The next is of the Twin Towers in NYC. I used to enjoy going to NYC (back when we could travel), see a show and family. This menorah is no longer made and shows the skyline before 9/11. The last one is of the Western Wall complete with people leaving their prayers. It always makes me feel good to think about Israel and my nephew who made Aliyah. I do love sharing all my menorahs and hope to see others too!               

- Lori Popp Moss