Enav Elhaiany Perez's Menorah

One of the bat mitzvahs presents I received and appreciate the most is this Chanukah menorah I got from a very good friend of mine. My bat mitzvah was such a high point in my life, because it started a personal journey of exploring my Jewish identity, and there is no way more symbolic to begin this journey than getting such a beautiful and colorful menorah. The variety of colors represents the way I see my Judaism, as a colorful and luminous way of life. This menorah usually stays on a high shelf in my bedroom, so when I wake up or go to sleep, I'm looking at it.

- Enav Elhaiany Perez

Enav is currently serving as a Shinshinit, a young Israeli emissary, with the JCC Indianapolis. Stay up-to-date on the latest from Enav and Maya (her shinshinit counterpart) on their Facebook Page.