Barbi Stenacker's Family Menorah

I am not sure when nor how my parents z"l acquired this chanukiah because I don't remember any Chanukahs without it.  I know we had it in the 1950s.  The fact that the Hebrew letters say Israel makes me believe it was made after 1948.  Prior to this one, we had a silver one, also traditional shape, but this one was my favorite because it has a music box that played Rock of Ages.  Each year as I use it, I picture it filled with straight, plain, orange candles, regardless of the fancy, colorful candles we use today.  Our Family Chanukah Party is always at my house.  There are 10 young people in my parents' great-grandchildren's generation, all of them were born while my parents z"l were still living.  Through the years I have accumulated enough "traditional" menorahs for each of them to have one.  I can only hope that each year as they light the candles, they will remember the Chanukah parties at my house just as I remember the drippy orange candles in my favorite chanukiah.

-Barbi Stenacker