We Don't Leave Our People Behind


Meet Evan. He’s on the autism spectrum. One night each month his parents drop him off for Parents’ Night Out with the Federation’s Jewish Family Services. All they have to do is tell Evan where he is going and he is excited and ready at the door. Evan and the other kids who have special needs at Parents’ Night Out get a few hours of great
socialization. Their parents get a few hours of time together, whether that means sitting in the car in the parking lot or going to dinner and a movie. For these families, this time is invaluable.

When a child needs an education, a family loses their income, or an entire community is devastated by a disaster, the Jewish Federation is there. It’s a pledge we live by.

We are there to help a distressed family regain their footing. To rescue and rebuild after a catastrophe. We make sure a Holocaust survivor isn’t deserted, and that no older adults go without assistance. The Jewish Federation holds out a safety net. And we’ll never let it fall.

Help ensure that there will always be relief for our people in need. Call 317.726.5450.

Donate today at jfeds.org/jfgidonatenow.


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