We Could Not Have Done It Without You!

As co-chairs of the 2013 Annual Campaign, we would like to thank you all for your generosity in working together to raise over $3,650,000 for our 2013 Annual Campaign. 
Beginning in August 2012, through Super Sunday last February and to the finish line on December 31, 2013, you showed your generosity. This is truly a team effort that could not be completed without the support of our many volunteers, from those who call on donors every year to the people who made thank you calls at Super Sunday.
This cycle continues, as we now look to complete the 2014 Annual Campaign. This year’s co-chairs, Les Brail, Michelle Korin and Offer Korin, are off to a great start, working to close this campaign earlier than ever before. We encourage you to participate if you haven’t already.
Your dollars make a world difference here at home, in Israel and around the world.  Together we do a world of good.

Chuck Cohen    Gigi Marks Felsher    Dick Leventhal
2013 Annual Campaign Co-Chairs


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