We Are Family!

One night a few weeks ago a friends introduced me to a project called We Are Family. I wondered how a project like this could empower the emotional connection between us and the Lone Soldiers in Israel.
The idea is simple—there are only three steps:

1. Gather all your family together.
2. Smile, and take a picture of this gathering while you hold a sign that says, “We are family!”
3. Send us the picture by posting it to my Facebook page (Roy Swisa Indianapolis Shaliach) by March 10.

Together with our Partnership friends we will gather the pictures and build a collage from our community. Each Lone Soldier will get a big collage that he or she can hang on the wall. Through my experience as a commander in the Israeli navy, I know that these small gestures give a lot of power to the soldiers. To know that someone across the ocean is thinking about you, to know that you’re a part of a people and a family is big.

--Roy Swisa


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