Remember the Summer Breeze

I’m so proud of you! I know that the coziness and warmth of the summer will be gone for a long time and the blizzards, cold, and frost are knocking on our doors. I want to bring up a memory. Try to recall a sunny day not long ago when we sat together under the same roof. People from the entire Jewish community of Indianapolis united for Israel at the support rally that we organized in July. I had just arrived back in town after spending time with my family in Israel. I was amazed at how full the auditorium was. I never expected such a tremendous amount of support! I know that Israel is important, but I didn’t know how much.

We had elderly people sitting together with toddlers, and all were waving Israeli flags. I remember how nice it was to see affiliated and unaffiliated members from all parts of the community together. It made me proud to see the JCC Laikin Auditorium filled to capacity. After the event, I thought about how fabulous it would be to see the whole community together again, but under happier circumstances. Imagine how marvelous it would be to celebrate all together at a community-wide event!

We have this opportunity on Sunday, February 1. We are going to have an intergenerational Tu B’Shevat seder. Together we will celebrate the “green” Jewish holiday, and we will learn the symbolic meaning of various fruits. Tu B’Shevat is also known as Rosh Hashanah La’Ilanot, literally the New Year of the Trees. Please come and join us together with the BJE kids on Sunday, February 1. Details to follow.

Also, I want to share something great—my younger brother Tomer, 23, is the shaliach in Peoria, Illinois, home of Bradley University. It is rare to have two shlichim from the same family and he is so close, less than 4 hours away. I look forward to introducing him to you at one of my upcoming programs. Hope to see you there!

Roy Swisa


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