One Happy Camper Grants

Summers at overnight camp are packed with fun activities—aquatics, arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, dance, archery, outdoor adventure and hiking and much more. Jewish summer camp weaves Jewish values, culture and tradition into the fabric of camp, helping campers connect to their own identity and the larger Jewish community. Experiential learning is utilized to reveal what makes Jewish religion and culture so unique in today’s world. At camp, Jewish and Israeli culture is celebrated through song, dance, art and food.

Each camp designs its own program to be accessible and enjoyable for all campers. Whether they’re telling stories in their bunks, learning about the environment or playing tennis, campers explore what Judaism means to them in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.

Jewish camp’s impact is immediate. Campers return home with friends that will last a lifetime. And it doesn’t stop there. Children who attended Jewish camp are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes and take on leadership roles in their communities.


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