My Secret Recipe

One of the things that I love the most is cooking. Why is that? Neither the number of the different ingredients nor the endless ways I can combine them together are the reasons for my great zeal for cooking. My reason is the fact that you may use the same ingredients and the same techniques but you will get different results. It is all about fine tuning.

I see a direct correlation between my approach for cooking and my work as a shaliach. Just a week ago, I spoke with our Jewish students at IU about the upcoming Israel elections and how Israeli politics work. During the discussion, we focused on the reasons why Israel goes to polls so soon. A few days later, I had the same talk at DePauw, and used the same “ingredients,” but at DePauw, we focused more on the political system. In other discussions in our synagogues we focused more on the Israeli political large spectrum and why we have so many different political parties. I enjoyed all of the various talks and places. Furthermore, I enjoyed the opportunity to make Israel-related topics more accessible.

To continue this, I need you. I need you to invite a small group of your friends or family to contact me. I will provide the Israeli “ingredient” to the salad bowl and we can discuss Israeli culture, music, politics or any other topic that will fit you.

Roy Swisa


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