JCC Mission and Values

The JCC quite simply wants to be known as “the place to be.” It has developed a new mission statement to guide its future actions: The JCC of Indianapolis enriches the community by perpetuating Jewish tradition and heritage while celebrating diversity of beliefs through arts, education, health, and wellness programs.

The JCC has also created value statements to reflect what it expects of itself in relation to the communities they serve:
• Commitment (M’sirut): Providing the very best programming and services
• Community (Kehilla): Enriching our neighborhood and Jewish community and making them better
• Connections (K’sharim): Incorporating our Jewish values and ties to Israel
• Integrity (Yo’sher): Earning trust through excellence and ethical behavior
• Welcoming (Kabalat Panim): Engaging our members and guests with warmth and respect
• Wellness (Briyut): Offering healthy choices for improving the mind, body and spirit


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