Israel Bonds in Indiana

Fifty million dollars. That’s the current size of the state of Indiana’s investment in Israel through Israel Bonds. For more than a decade, Indiana’s state treasurers have recognized that investing in Israel is a wise option. In his eight years as treasurer, Richard Mourdock alone authorized $75 million in purchases. As he and his predecessor Tim Berry understood, Israel Bonds are good not only for Israel but also for those who buy them. With Israel Bonds, you not only obtain a reliable investment, you also get the satisfaction of investing in a nation.

And you don’t need to have millions of dollars to invest in Israel Bonds. There are bonds for every level of investor. For as little as $36, people can buy an eMitzvah bond, which makes a great b’nai mitzvah gift and helps preserve Israel’s economy.

Because supporters of Israel have purchased Israel Bonds for decades, Israel has been able to develop every aspect of its economy. Bond purchases have enabled Israel to invest in its transportation network, its water system, in key industries, and in community development. All of these projects have allowed Israel to bloom and become an economic powerhouse.

Israel has become a world leader in technology—and all kinds of technology—information technology, medical technology, and agricultural technology. Israel ranks among the top countries in the percentage of home computers per capita and the number of scientists and technicians in the workforce. Over the past quarter century, agricultural output has increased sevenfold with hardly any increase in the amount of water used.

For the past 60 years, Israel Bonds have done much to provide economic security for Israel. Investing in Bonds offers a tangible and important way to support the country at a time when Israel very much needs our help. For more information, please call 312.558.9416 or visit

--David Orentlicher, Indiana General Chair, Israel Bonds


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