Interfaith Grant Initiative

Last year, JFGI applied for and received a $20,000 grant from JFNA to develop opportunities to identify, welcome, connect, and engage families in which one person is Jewish and the other is of another or no faith tradition, as well as their relatives and other associated members of the community. As part of this, JFGI will be conducting focus groups to engage individuals in interfaith relationships and their families. JFGI will form a planning and advisory committee with members from interfaith households and relationships.

With the input and guidance of participants in the focus groups and the advisory committee, JFGI will design programs intended to foster a comfort with and connection to the Jewish community in a safe and welcoming environment, based on shared values. This is an incredible opportunity for outreach to families and individuals who may be unaffiliated and uninvolved in the Jewish community and to further connect with active members of the community with an interest in engaging family members who are married to or in committed relationships with individuals of another or no faith.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, contact Patti at or 317.715.9273.


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