Hooverwood Family Honors

With pleasure and pride, the Hooverwood family honored the following professionals for their dedicated years of service during the annual Employee Recognition Luncheon:

Five Years of Service
Ann Marie Campbell Nursing
Anne Evans   Receptionist
Tamara Smith  Nursing
Nathaleen Wolo  Nursing
Elsie Yarney   Nursing

10 Years of Service
Maria Agbonhese  Nursing
Susie Hancock  Receptionist
Gail Hassler   Administration
Gita Shkiler   Nursing

15 Years of Service
Sandy Miller   Environmental Services

20 Years of Service
Mike Prince   Environmental Services
Keita Taylor   Nursing

25 Years of Service
Andre Fall   Activities
Larry Foster   Maintenance
Wanda Saunders  Nursing

Congratulations! We sincerely thank you for your continued dedication to our residents.


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