Biostepper Arrives at Hooverwood Rehabilitation Department

All the recent buzz in Hooverwood’s rehabilitation department is about the new Biostepper exercise machine. The residents are lining up to give it a try.

This innovative piece of exercise equipment provides fluid, elliptical motion for a total body workout. The Biostepper is forgiving on the knees, ankles, hips, and lower back while providing a low impact workout in forward and reverse directions. Many of the seniors admitted to Hooverwood following a hospitalization are greatly benefiting from this new equipment as part of their short-term rehabilitation stay.

The purchase of the Biostepper was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Elliott and Jane Yolles in memory of their son, Jeffrey Yolles. A donation by the Hooverwood Guild along with several other donations made to Hooverwood and the Hooverwood Guild, in Jeffrey’s memory, also helped to purchase this special gift for the residents.


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