An Israel Travelouge: Three Generations Travel Through Israel

This June, three generations of Indianapolis families, the Foxes, Weinbergers and Hamburgers, traveled to Israel together. For some, it was their first visit to Israel; others had been before. For everyone, it was their first time together and a wonderful experience. While the main focus of the trip was a family reunion and a bar mitzvah, the families took one day to spend time learning more about the Western Galilee and how our  Partnership2Gether program brings people together.

The day began with a visit to the Shazar School in Akko. Trip participant Hailey Fox had twinned with the school in her Bureau of Jewish Education Gimmel level Hebrew class, and she was thrilled to meet the students and teachers she had previously met via Skype. Everyone was impressed by the high energy of the students and teachers, even though it was the last week of school. Stuart Fox commented on how every student seemed engaged and ready to learn, and that this was a school he would love to attend. 

The visit to the Galilee Medical Center was another highlight. The group toured the underground hospital and the newly refinished and fortified emergency room. Dr. Myron Weinberger commented, “This modern and complete facility emerged out of the city of Nahariya and under the edge of the mountains of Lebanon as a beacon of hope for the entire area and even to serve Lebanese, Syrians, Israeli Arabs and minority Jewish Israelis. The underground facility made it clear that the hospital existed for any eventuality and had been ‘battle-proven!’”

Following the tour of the medical center, everyone enjoyed a picnic on the beach and toured Rosh Hanikra, guided by Advocacy 2Gether participant Idan Zaccai and his family. Idan had just been in Indianapolis in May, where he had met Margo, Hailey and Avery Fox. It was great to see a friendly face and was testament to the quick ties that are built through the partnership program.

Ann and Alan Hamburger summed up this visit in this way, “We hear about what our money and commitment are doing for Israel and its communities, but witnessing the impact both at the school and the hospital reassures us that we are actually enhancing the lives of those who are serviced by the agencies and their supporting partners.”

If you are visiting Israel and would like a personalized tour of the Western Galilee, please contact Michele Boukai at the Federation at

--Margo Fox, Director of Campaign


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