Resources for Schools

provided by the Indianapolis Jewish community


The Indianapolis Jewish community provides educational resources to the greater community to open lines of communication, build bridges of understanding, and enrich the curriculum and overall school experience.


This webpage highlights resources for administrators, teachers, and students. Please reach out to us so we can help support your efforts to provide accurate education related to Judaism, Jewish history, Israel, antisemitism, and community building.

Holidays and Calendar (K-12): We provide printed resources, including a seven-year planning calendar of major Jewish holidays and observances, as well as curriculum ideas and speakers related to Jewish holidays. We also help implement an inquiry-based activity related to the Gregorian, Jewish, and Muslim calendars.

International Festivals (K-12): Our community's shaliach/shlicha (Israeli emissary) speaks in classrooms about Israel, has resources about Israel for classroom learning, and welcomes the opportunity to present Israel at international and/or multicultural festivals.

Holocaust Resources (6-12): We provide curricular materials, videos, and powerful speakers who are first- or second-generation Holocaust survivors. We also train teachers on how to teach the Holocaust.

Muslim-Jewish Dialogue (7-12): As students study world religions, we provide teams of trained Jewish and Muslim speakers to visit schools, enrich the curriculum, and promote interfaith acceptance in the community.

Bully Prevention Workshop (8-12): ADL-trained facilitators help students, teachers, and administrators address bullying broadly and/or combat Antisemitism specifically. The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is a trusted resource if/when instances of Antisemitism occur.

Independent Student Projects (9-12): Students interested in further exploration or specific research topics can be directed to Jewish community professionals with expertise in Judaism, Jewish history, Israel, and other topics.

Student to Student (9-12): This program trains Jewish teens from diverse backgrounds to speak in high school classrooms (history, social studies, English/Language Arts, speech, journalism, comparative religion) that may have very little Jewish presence. In speaking to their peers, these Jewish teens not only impart information about Judaism and Jewish life but also foster understanding that counters stereotypes.

School Clubs (9-12): We support school clubs by helping students explore and understand Judaism's approach to various issues, including the environment, social justice, LGBTQ+ issues, Muslim-Jewish relations, Black-Jewish relations, the Hebrew language, and more. Just ask, and we'll try to provide valuable resources to support the interests of your students.

Jewish History Walk (6-12): Groups are invited to come to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) for an interactive walk through Jewish history along a pathway that marks major Jewish historical events, including an outdoor Holocaust memorial.

Holocaust Museum Display (6-8): The Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis, a Jewish day school, has a Holocaust museum display in their school and welcomes students to come to the exhibit and learn about the Holocaust through peer-led tours.

Synagogue Visits (K-12): Local synagogues welcome the opportunity to host schools for tours and informational presentations facilitated by their rabbis and education directors.

Accurate Curriculum: This program collaborates with the Institute for Curriculum Services to provide teachers accurate curricular resources about Jews, Judaism, Jewish history, Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and trains educators on how to incorporate lesson plans that are Common Core-aligned and based on primary source documents.

Antisemitism Workshops: This ADL-based teacher training workshop helps teachers recognize and effectively address Antisemitism and other biases in their classrooms.

Holocaust Education: Seminars are held regularly that educate teachers about the Holocaust and introduce them to innovative curricular approaches to explore with their students.

Partnership with Israeli Schools: Teachers interested in building international partnerships can be paired with an Israeli school in the Western Galilee, which is the partnership region for the Indianapolis Jewish community.





Nina has an M.A. in Jewish Education and an M.Ed. in Special Education, and has taught extensively in both public schools and Jewish schools. Nina serves as a general resource for educational programming and Jewish content. She is available to come to your school to speak on a variety of topics or can coordinate members of our Holocaust Speakers Bureau visiting your school.


              Nina Price

   Director of Jewish Education Initiatives

    Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

David is our community's coordinator of youth programming. He has worked in school settings and with informal teen programs. He can serve as a resource for extracurricular programming at your schools.


           David Heilbron

 Director, Youth Philanthropy/Connection

     Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

Amber's position is shared with the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Her research and graduate work in Genocide and Holocaust Studies, as well as her experience visiting concentration camps and meeting with survivors, will enable JFGI and CANDLES to update Holocaust curricular resources and strengthen the programs offered to schools and the broader community.


           Amber Maze

          Holocaust Education Coordinator

           JFGI/CANDLES Holocaust Museum


Lian is our community's Israeli emissary, or "shlicha​" in Hebrew. She has a background in social work and has extensive experience working with youth. Lian creates programming related to Israel and enjoys speaking about Israeli life, culture, and history.


          Lian Bar Zohar

                    Shlicha (Israeli Emissary)

     Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

Lindsey has an M.A. in Jewish History and serves as a first point of contact if a concerning incident involving Jewish students takes place at school or among students. She is a sounding board and liaison able to help administrators, students, and parents work through challenging situations or instances of antisemitism.


          Lindsey Mintz

                         Executive Director

         Jewish Community Relations Council

Marla has an M.A. in European Jewish History and has taught ESL. She facilitates ADL workshops that help students and teachers combat antisemitism and bullying. Marla coordinates the Student-to-Student program and also supports educators and using trusted curricular materials to teach accurately about Jews, Judaism, Jewish history, and Israel.


             Marla Topiol

Israel/Antisemitism Education Coordinator

        Jewish Community Relations Council

Aaron has a B.S. in Public Affairs & Educational Policy. He is the contact person for interfaith, intergroup, LGBTQ+, and inclusion programming.


            Aaron Welcher

                   Programming Coordinator

         Jewish Community Relations Council

Wendy has a Ph.D. in Modern Jewish History, U.S. History, and Public History. She has access to a wealth of historical documents and research materials.


             Wendy Soltz

                             Executive Director

              Indiana Jewish Historical Society