Impact Provides Inspiration

For the first time in many years, we have produced an impact report and we were amazed by some of the numbers. We've included the full report with this issue. As just one example of a number that surprised when we put it all together, we provide more than 22,000 rides a year to people. That's 60 rides each day, helping people in our Jewish Family Services program make it to dialysis appointments, doctors’ appointments and to the grocery store. We’re picking up students for afterschool at the JCC and the afterschool Hebrew program at the Bureau of Jewish Education. Hooverwood residents are able to attend social events and cultural opportunities. When we put all that together and look at the impact we’re having for everyone from children to seniors, we’re really doing an incredible job. And that’s just in transportation.

And it’s all because of you. Thank you. As we wrap up the 2016 annual campaign, we want to express our gratitude for each and every gift. Whether you donate $18 or $18,000, your contribution is feedback for us that it’s important to you that we maintain a vibrant, exciting and engaging Jewish community. 

I invite you take some time to review the Impact Report included in the middle of this magazine and the diversity of things that we’re doing with a relatively small amount of money. Shoot me an email to let us know what you found surprising, or any feedback on how we are doing. We're really proud of the work our agencies and volunteers do. They serve as an inspiration for us as we look ahead to 2017 and an even greater impact that we will have with your support.


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