Engagement Grows Community

If you were to speak with any Jewish communal professional about the future of our community, it wouldn’t take long for you to notice the word “engagement” over and over again. It might sound like this:

  • “We need to invest in our young people to engage them and ensure our future.”
  • “Young families want to be engaged with other young families.”
  • “We need to re-engage our older adults who have the time, experience, and resources to make a big impact.”

It’s been over a generation since belonging to a synagogue or the JCC was what you did if you wanted to meet and socialize with other Jewish families. No matter our stage in life, participation in the organized Jewish community cannot be taken for granted.

Today, with so many opportunities to explore different aspects of our personal identity, prioritizing our Jewish self has become a choice, not an obligation. What’s more, acting on that choice may not feel easy or convenient, but let me remind you why engaging or re-engaging in our Jewish community is worthwhile.

The Jewish community offers an innate connection with a rich cultural past, present and future. Engagement with it nurtures powerful relationships and positive social outcomes.

Being a part of our active community creates memories that shape who we are. Memories are essentially stories we tell ourselves about what we have done with our lives. Internalizing and sharing these stories foster even deeper involvement in your Jewish community.

Indianapolis offers unparalleled leadership opportunities to grow and be a positive influence. Learning to be a good leader is a transferable skill that can open up doors both locally and nationally. This community has so much to offer. Get involved in a Federation cohort like the Maurer Koach Program, 36 Under 36, or ATID. Join a Federation, synagogue, or partner agency committee. Bring your children to a PJ Library program, take a class, go to a NextGen Happy Hour. It might be just the beginning.

Your engagement will bring you a sense of belonging and commitment. And as you are more engaged, you feel more welcome, you know more about what’s going on, and you find fellowship in the people around you. Then you can share that excitement with others, maybe they will ask to join you.

The year 2024 is in full swing and THE TIME IS NOW to engage in meaningful ways with the Jewish community. There are so many ways to get involved. Find your cause. Take a leap. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call and we can figure it out together. I look forward to it.


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