Connecting with Jewish North America

As we turn the page on 2013 and begin fresh new 2014 I am happy to share with you an exciting update at your Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis. The board of directors has decided to adopt the national Jewish Federations of North America logo as our own. The tag line “The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.”, perfectly summarizes our strong, dedicated Jewish community.

Much like our Jewish Federation, this new logo is rooted in Jewish tradition and is based on building a strong collective asset. It is innovative, easily recognizable, inviting and optimistic. The two arches over the flame symbolize the safety net and umbrella that historically epitomizes the role of the Jewish Federation locally, nationally and internationally. The flame and the menorah symbolize our history and heritage. They also visually guide us upwards providing a sense of aspiration, hope and optimism, all while being anchored in our Jewish tradition.  [insert JFGI logo here]

I am excited that our Jewish community has joined more than 112 other Federations in this national effort to bring our communities closer together. We are part of something bigger than our local Jewish community; we are part of a national system. For me, the most important part of this change is that we are making a real effort to reach out to the young people in our community. This population moves around often, and now we have a logo here that is the same as the one they may see in other cities across the country and around the world. They recognize and trust it as being a symbol of a worthwhile place to support with both their time and resources. The Jewish Federation is about working and learning together and creating a strong, vibrant Jewish community. It ties us together.

I hope you enjoy this new format of our JFGI community magazine. All that’s left is to give it a new name. Call Julia Goodman at 317.715.9257 with your suggestions or email them to her at This change, like our new logo, is one small step in making our amazing work known throughout Jewish and non-Jewish Indianapolis.


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