Building Our Community Through Partnerships

I want to thank each of you for your generous support to our Annual Campaign. Because of your donations, we were able to successfully surpass our campaign goal by raising more than $4 million. These are much-needed funds that touch the lives of more than 2,000 individuals each day in Indianapolis and countless others in Israel and around the world. More on the campaign can be found on Page 4.

As we move through 2020, the planning and collaboration among our organizations is unfolding. Through our Planning & Allocations process this year, we looked at programs across the community and considered how we could invest funds raised through the Annual Campaign in order to create the biggest impact in the five areas of our 2018 Strategic Plan:

  • Israel & Overseas
  • Engagement & Community Development
  • Jewish Education, Arts & Culture
  • Social Services

Leadership & Partner Development
The way the P&A budget is laid out clearly shows these different areas, and it’s not just the Federation that provide these programs. It includes everything we support, including our partner agencies and other organizations. A summary of the P&A process with grant highlights from this year can be found on page 3.
While we are happy to celebrate these successes, we need your help identifying other funding sources to help support our community’s critical programs. While there is no shortage of needs in our community, we are constrained by limited resources; we received funding requests from our community partners of more than $1 million in excess of what we were able to allocate.  Given these needs, the Planning & Allocations Committee had to make some very difficult decisions, taking into account all of the funding requests, the needs of the community, the established funding priorities, and the funds available to allocate.
We are proud of the work and the difference that we all made together throughout 2019. We are excited about the potential and the opportunities that 2020 holds for our entire community. As we come together around our theme of “2020: A Vision for the Future,” we look forward to working together to continue to increase the resources available to address important community needs.
We are reflecting back on where we have come from, taking stock of where we are currently, and looking ahead to where we are going and what the future holds. Thank you for making an important difference and for making our community a better place for all.


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