Fill the shelves at Popsie’s Pantry with kosher-for-Passover food for local families in need! Shop for in-demand items using the list below, and drop off food at the Pantry (6905 Hoover Rd.) by Friday, April 12, so there is enough time to distribute food to families before the holiday begins. Drop off hours: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Questions? Contact JFS Assistant Director Rachel Katz at 317-259-6817 or


Need some support this holiday? JFS is here to help! Contact Julie Sondhelm at 317-536-1476 or


There are 2 ways to participate!

1. Shop for kosher-for-Passover foods to donate to JFS (click here to download a printable list of suggested items).


2. Make a financial donation: support an individual for $36, an elderly couple for $72, or a large family for $180. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated! 

If enough funds are raised, we will also be able to supply each family with a grocery gift card to purchase perishable items, such as eggs and meat.

​Suggested Items


Please be sure to check for a "Kosher for Passover" label (like the one at left) on all food items


  • Matza
  • Matza ball mix
  • Matza meal
  • Sweets (i.e. macaroons, fruit slices, chocolates)
  • Cake mix
  • Jelly
  • Condiments (i.e. ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, marinara sauce, salad dressing, seasonings)
  • Canned tuna
  • Potato chips
  • Vegetable oil
  • Gefilte fish
  • Horseradish
  • Grape juice
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toothbrushes
  • Apple juice
  • Pancake mix
  • Syrup
  • Potato pancake mix
  • Soda bottles


Grocery gift cards can be donated! They will help families purchase kosher meat and chicken, and other perishable items to help celebrate the holiday. 

The pantry will also be collecting chametz.