15 2015


21 2015

REMEMBRANCES, a Ballet in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust


Clowes Hall, Butler University

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In October 2015, Dance Kaleidoscope will open their 43rd Season with REMEMBRANCES, a Ballet in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. This major work was choreographed by Brian Honigbaum, an Indianapolis native and former professional dancer, and inspired by Mike and Agnes Vogel, both Holocaust survivors. It had its world premiere in 2001 and was restaged for a 2014 performance in Texas.

As survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust die, there are fewer impactful ways to impart the horrors of that era and the significance to future generations. REMEMBRANCES is a way to keep that period of history alive to ensure that we do everything in our power to prevent people from being victimized by genocide, hate crimes, bullying, discrimination, and intolerance of all forms. It is especially important that children learn these lessons and experience the power of REMEMBRANCES as part of their Holocaust education in Indiana.

REMEMBRANCES captures the story of the Holocaust through the eyes of a single family. It relates the story of the Holocaust chronologically, from Kristallnacht, to the Ghettos, the death train, and finally, the gas chambers. The emotional choreography and music presented in this production allows the audience to experience the physical, mental, and emotional struggle of the Holocaust.