22 2015

Musical evening of Ladino & Sephardic songs

6:30PM - 8:30PM  

Etz Chaim Synagogue 6939 Hoover Road
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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Kativar is Ladino for captivate. As their name suggests, the Kativar trio captivates audiences with their performances of (portraying the) oral traditional Sephardic songs from a variety of places such as Turkey, Morocco, Greece, the Northern Balkans and other parts of the Mediterranean. Kativar showcases the complexity and richness of the Sephardic rhythms and sounds with their supporting instrumentation that includes oud, viola, djoze, guitar, dumbeck, riqq, naqqarat and bendir. Their repertoire contains a wide range of Ladino themes: wedding songs, ballads, the cycle of Purim and Pesah, lullabies and love songs. As a complement to the songs, Tomás Lozano weaves a continuous thread of historical facts, social functions, stories, and cycles of life proper to the Sephardim.

Sponsor: Etz Chaim Congregation