10 2015

Exhibition: Pieces of Glass: The Mosaic Classes of Suzy Friedman

5:30PM - 7:30PM  

Suzy Friedman has been teaching the art of mosaic for 11 years. Many students have been studying for years and some are relatively new. All students are inspired by and creating both fine art and decorative pieces that are sure to excite the viewer. Students consider detail to composition, color, value as well as many other artistic elements. Select pieces will be available to purchase.

This show includes the artwork of the following: LJ Abrams, Nancy Bate, Gary Breslauer, Claudette Einhorn, MaryEllen Fellegy, Gigi Felsher, Nancy Gaynor, Raena Goldberg, Mercedes Goldberg-Cruz, Barbie Gray, Lori Kaufman-Flora, Bev Learman, Karen Mitzman, Ilana Mordoh, Lori Moss, Sarah Sagi, Lori Schankerman, Jane Schlegel, Maya Shmoel, Denise Silbert, Janie Star, Idrienne Steimen Weidberg, and Blayne Umansky.

Sponsor: The art programs and gallery are made possible through the generous support of The Indianapolis Foundation