12 2017

CBS Living Room Learning Series

2:00PM - 3:30PM  

Home of David and Mickie Gurvis 8435 Spring Mill Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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The Velizh Affair: A Story of Jews, Christians, Murder in a Russian Border Town
Eugene Avrutin Ph.D., Professor of History at University of Illinois will share this fascinating story in an informal living room learning setting.
The Velizh affair was the longest ritual murder investigation in the modern world. The case lasted nearly twelve years (1823-1835) and generated an astonishing number of archival papers. By the time the inquisitorial commission wrapped up its work, forty-two Jews were charged with ritual murder, providing the necessary tools and supplies to carry out the conspiracy, theft and desecration of Church property, and the forcible conversion of three town residents. Drawing on newly discovered trial records, Eugene M. Avrutin looks beyond antisemitism as the single most important factor in understanding ritual murder accusations and, in the process, provides an unprecedented glimpse of small-town life in Eastern Europe. All are invited to attend.