14 2015


22 2015

Artist Workshops in the Western Galilee, Israel


Contact Michele Boukai
317475 4274

The PARTNERSHIP2GETHER Artist Workshops Program is a unique opportunity that allows you to volunteer your time and creativity to collaborate and share your knowledge with local Western Galilee residents. Through this program you have the chance to develop meaningful relationships with the people of the Western Galilee and Israel, to learn more about the artistic endeavors in the region, and to grow your network of like-minded people

We accept applications from artists working in all mediums, including, but not limited to; photography, music, glass, painting, theater, art therapy, writers, etc. This is a juried program with limited space available. Each artist accepted into the program will be matched with the appropriate/related groups and resources to make the most of their time and creative offering.

2015 Special Opportunities:

*Photographers, Journalists/Writers:

A special proposal has been accepted to document and illustrate the lives of various people who live in the Western Galilee. The objective of this creative team of photographers and writers will be tasked with bringing to life the stories and realities of the diverse people living in the region. The final results of their work will be compiled to create a touring exhibit for the P2G communities along with the creation of a book of their work
*Glass Artists:

The Akko Art Glass Center is an open studio for glass artists from Israel and abroad, serving as the main center in the north of Israel for educational experiences in glass. You are invited to create projects using multiple techniques including blowing, fusion and lamp work. In the future, the center will also house a glass museum and gallery

There are only eight available spots in the program.

Deadline for Application: February 2, 2015