Strategic Plan Update - June 6, 2018

On June 5, nearly 50 members of our Jewish community met to engage in strategic planning for the Federation.  Attendees included a mixture of Federation board members, past presidents, lay leaders, partner and beneficiary agency leadership, representatives of several congregations, and members of the Federation staff.

The group spent the retreat day discussing a number of issues critical to the Federation, including concepts for vision, mission and values statements; increasing engagement and active participation by members of our Jewish community; improving collaboration with our partners; solidifying relationships with current donors and cultivating a new generation of donors; criteria for a decision making model when contemplating new programs and services; and factors to include in an allocation model.  The feedback we received from our focus groups and interviews as well as our community demographic study were integral parts of the discussions.

The first draft of this work will be reviewed, edited, and revised by our board and staff members later this month and then shared with our planning participants.  As we continue to work through this process we will keep you informed as to our progress.  Look for more information later this summer!


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