Philanthropy: noun: phi·​lan·​thro·​py

The anthro-root of philanthropy means literally “love of mankind.” Thus, philanthropy is giving money for a purpose or cause benefiting people who you don’t necessarily know.

Since 1904, the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis has time and again risen to the challenges of the day and helped neighbors and community through the toughest times. Federation ties to the people in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities are deep-rooted and enduring. The value JFGI brings touches every day lives in profound ways that are sometimes, but not always, noticed. The Federation engages and supports the community with vital services, places to gather, and resources to inspire growth and learning. 

What can I do to help the Jewish Federation?

At all stages of life, there are many ways to help your community and those in need, and the Federation needs you. Here are a few ways you can support the Jewish Federation and your community: 
Donate your time. The Federation, Jewish Family Services, and its agencies survive through the efforts of volunteers. Shop for a needy family, stack food in the pantry, provide transportation, serve on a committee or board, or volunteer for an event.

  • Donate your skills. Musicians, artists, accountants, lawyers, fundraisers, business execs, marketing gurus, and more—all are needed!
  • Employer gift matching. Do you know if your employer matches gifts? If they do, you may receive credit for more than your original gift. Some companies match 50-100 percent of your contribution. Please ask!
  • List the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement account.

Once social distancing times are behind everyone, here are additional ways to help the Federation:

  • Attend an event on the Jewish Community Campus. Learn about social, environmental or political issues affecting the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Get involved in your passion.
  • Organize an event. Have a barbeque or cocktail party at your house with your circle of friends. Tell them why you volunteer and support the Federation. Talk about who the Federation serves and the impact the Federation has on the community.
  • Show your kids how good it feels to give. Plan a holiday, kindergarten graduation, birthday or another type of children’s party for a cause. At the party, have kids work on a group project like gathering nonperishable food for Popsie’s Pantry or participating in Adopt-A-Family and in lieu of gifts, have the families donate instead of birthday gifts.

There are many ways to help and ideas are only limited by your imagination. The Federation needs you and would love to talk about ways you can help.  Contact the Federation office at (317) 726-5450 or go to for more information.​


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