Local Community Member Joins JFNA’s Cabinet

Matthew Tobe, a member of the Indianapolis Jewish community, will be joining the newest cohort of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) National Young Leadership Cabinet. He joins Janine Shapiro, who is entering her second year on Cabinet, and follows in the footsteps of Marina and Leo Grabovsky, who recently wrapped up their tenure on Cabinet.

Cabinet is a leadership and philanthropic development program based on Jewish values and is open to those between 30-45 who are looking to increase their philanthropy and engagement and are excited to become leaders in their local or national Jewish community.

Tobe, who lives in Carmel with his wife Leslie and their two young children, is an active member of the local Jewish community. Professionally, he is a travel specialist, helping people explore the world and create memorable experiences. Tobe was drawn to the National Young Leadership Cabinet largely because of his desire to help foster a thriving local Jewish community. Especially as a parent, Tobe feels strongly about ensuring a safe, engaged, and
flourishing Jewish environment for his children and future generations.

As a member of the JFNA National Young Leadership Cabinet, Tobe looks forward to the various opportunities that lie ahead. He is particularly excited about participating in missions exploring Israel and Jewish communities worldwide, learning more about Federation work and Jewish organizations worldwide.

“I’ve heard so many inspiring stories about the international work of the Federation organizations, and I want to have the opportunity to see the ‘boots on the ground’ work,” he said. “I want to return to my community with my own stories to motivate a new generation of young professionals to increase their involvement in the Federation.”

Additionally, Tobe is eager to learn about other Jewish communities across the United States. By engaging with
individuals from different Federations on Cabinet, he hopes to learn from them and bring new knowledge back to the Indianapolis community.

Tobe’s selection for the JFNA National Young Leadership Cabinet reflects his dedication, passion, and potential to bring about positive change within the local Jewish community. He began his Cabinet membership with a retreat experience in August and is looking forward to the continued opportunities that lie ahead.


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