JFS Expands Services After Awarded CRF Dollars

Thanks to the support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis’ Community Relief Fund (CRF), Jewish Family Services (JFS) is happy to offer expanded services to the community.
JFS COVID Jewish Life Scholarship Funds
For families and individuals who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, scholarships are available to help support Jewish life experiences. Scholarships are available for, but not limited to, Hebrew/Sunday school, Jewish camp experiences, Jewish ECE programs, and Jewish day school programs.  
Mental Health Support
JFS provides direct mental health support to individuals and their families as well as, referrals to mental health resources and providers. Financial subsidies are available to help with the costs of therapy, private-pay assessments, and more. 
Employment Services
JFS offers support through the job search process – including resume review, developing a plan for seeking and applying for employment, identifying networking opportunities and connections, as well as, making meaningful referrals to other resources. JFS is expanding employment services by partnering with other agencies and employment professionals. Financial assistance is available to facilitate the job search process as well.
Financial Assistance 
Funding is available to support individuals and families within the Jewish community in need of financial assistance. Assistance has been provided for: rent, mortgage, temporary shelter, utility bills, prescription medicine costs, medical services, burial costs, food support, transportation needs, clothing or shoes, tools of the trade, childcare, home repair, and more. 
*The services listed above are targeted to Jewish individuals or households. 
Contact JFS’ Clinical Director and Licensed Social Worker, Julie Sondhelm, at jsondhelm@jfgi.org or (317) 536-1476 for more information about these services.


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