Help Where You Least Expect It


Over the last few months, Jewish Family Services has heard from some exceptional volunteer leaders who were looking for meaningful opportunities to give back and make a difference — each one under the age of 18! JFS is so thankful for the local youth, who inspire much hope for the future of this community.



Ari Berebitsky


JFS is excited to officially launch Centerpieces for Tzedaka (charity), created by Ari Berebitsky for his Bar Mitzvah service project! These unique and beautiful centerpieces were showcased at Ari’s Bar Mitzvah, and can now be rented and modified for any special occasion. Next time you plan an event, please consider renting Ari’s creations — 100% of the proceeds will directly support Popsie’s Pantry.​​



​Ben Goldberg


Just before graduating high school, Danny Goldberg thought of a brilliant idea to bring in more donations to Popsie’s Pantry. “Danny’s Donation Delivery” would be a pick-up service for people who wish to donate food but did not have the time or ability to deliver the items to JFS. Fast forward to today — Ben Goldberg, a student at Carmel High School, decided to turn his brother’s well-designed concept into a reality, and helped JFS launch Popsie’s Pantry Pick-Up. While most teens dream of getting a driver’s license to see their friends and gain independence, Ben saw it as an opportunity to continue his brother’s initiative and to feed the community — one pick-up at a time. Schedule your first pick-up today; contact Ben at




The importance of providing community service opportunities for BBYO teens was officially developed back in 1928, nearly 90 years ago, upon the development of the “5-folds” (social, community service, educational, religious and recreational), which continue to guide chapter programs today. 

Over the last semester, AZA leaders have set up a collection for Popsie’s Pantry at every chapter program, inspiring their peers to think of others and give back to the community. The BBG leaders decided to focus on local Holocaust Survivors and designed a fundraiser program in partnership with BRICS. JFS and JFGI are so thankful to have such thoughtful teen leaders who continue to make strides to better the community and repair the world.


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