Finding Love Through a Jewish Community Program

Everyone has a unique love story, but for two Indianapolis Jewish community members, it began with an event put
on by the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis’ Young Leadership Division (YLD).

In 2012, a younger Katherine Voskoboynik (now Schwartz) and Jason Schwartz both attended a summer kick-off event at Rock Lobster in Broad Ripple. It was one of the premier hangouts for the Young Leadership Division, now known as NEXTGen.

At the time, Katherine was working as a Kroot intern at the Jewish Federation and Jason was the YLD Board’s Social Outreach chair.

“YLD did a fantastic job bringing together people with diverse interests but sharing a common bond of Judaism
through fun and engaging programs/ events,” the Schwartz’s said.

Intentions for both Katherine and Jason were to meet and make lasting connections with other Jewish young professionals with whom they continue to remain close friends to this day. While Katherine is no stranger to the
Indianapolis Jewish community, at the time, Jason had just moved here from Georgia. YLD fostered a warm and welcoming environment that provided him a home away from home, he said.

“We are grateful to have had an avenue to meaningfully participate in the Jewish community while starting our
professional lives,” they said.

Soon their initial meeting sparked more than the pair were anticipating – a blossoming and loving relationship. They
were married on Sept. 4, 2016. And now have a 21-month-old son named Ben. Now as a family of three, they continue to be deeply rooted in the Indianapolis Jewish community.

“As overt antisemitism becomes increasingly more pervasive, we believe that the best defense is to celebrate our identity and live active Jewish lives,” the duo said as one of their reasons for being a part of the community. “This is especially important to us given that Katherine and her family immigrated from the former USSR, a place where not
only living a Jewish life but celebrating one was unthinkable.”

They added that they are fortunate that the Jewish Federation provides a platform and ample opportunities to
achieve Jewish life.

“Judaism places a strong value on what gets passed on from generation to generation,” they said. “Now that we
are a family of three, it is both exciting and heartwarming to know that Ben will get to experience the same supportive community and sense of belonging that we have been grateful to have as part of our lives.”

The burning question for the couple remains: will Ben get to carry on their love story and meet his future significant
other through the community?


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