Embracing Our Realities

The NEXTGen Department is busy creating two plans for programming in 2021.

The first plan is an all-virtual programming schedule. NEXTGen is planning on creating virtual gathering events, including meditation yoga, professional development courses, virtual coffee chats and basic Hebrew classes. Some of these events will partner with local young Jewish professional groups such as Moishe Pod Indy. In addition, the committee is working on engagement strategies of creating small group and one-on-one past participant check-ins.

The second plan is a hybrid one for programming that can be held when it is safe to hold in-person gatherings while also offering virtual opportunities. Some of those fun programs include a drive-in movie, a museum tour with curators and professionals with networking opportunities, and various socially-distanced engaging events that can be outdoors and require a mask to be worn. 

One question the NEXTGen committee has been thinking about is “Will we access more people digitally or in person?” In previous years, in person attendance varied depending on how interested a participant was on the program or event topic. Now, people may be less willing to attend in-person gatherings based on other factors, such as COVID safety.

NEXTGen continues to seek ways to reach fellow NEXTGeners and are always looking for community ideas. What is it that you want to be a part of in the community? What type of programs are you interested in attending?
Share your thoughts and ideas by reaching out to Stephanie Dlatt at sdlatt@jfgi.org or any of the NEXTGen committee members.

To learn more about what’s new with NEXTGen, follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @JFGInextgen. Sign up for the NEXTGen e-blast and learn more about the department at www.jewishindianapolis.org/departments/nextgen. Looking to get more involved and wanting to join the NEXTGen committee? Contact Stephanie Dlatt at sdlatt@jfgi.org.


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