ATID IV: Jerusalem Wine Tasting, Dinner, and the Western Wall Tunnels

ATID is the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis advanced leadership program. Part of every ATID class is a trip to Israel. These are accounts from the partcipants of ATID IV, who are traveling through Israel in February 2016.

Post written by Carli Bolotin

Then we opened our eyes. Before us was the Western Wall know as the most significant religious spot is all of Israel. It was a beautiful day to be in Jerusalem. We all gathered before the Wall to learn its history. We also had the honor to witness a young man's bar mitzvah during our visit. Before leaving the Old City for the first time ever for everyone in the group we got to visit the Wall together as men and women together.

After visiting the wall, we went to two wineries. The first was Elah, a boutique winery and the to Katlav. We tasted three wines at each place. Currently Rose is the flavor of choice these days in Israel.


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