Israel and Overseas

Working Locally to Connect Globally


For decades, the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis has been committed to the welfare of Jewish people worldwide. Even before the modern State of Israel was born, the Jewish community of Indianapolis has worked diligently to raise and allocate funds to rescue and assist Jews seeking refuge from lands across the globe.


Today, thousands of Jews in Israel and in 70 other countries depend on the Federation and our overseas partner agencies, including the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, for a lifeline of programs that provide assistance with food, housing, rescue, and resettlement. Federation-funded programs and services also help to educate Jewish people, revitalize Jewish programming, and rebuild communities devastated by economic hardship and acts of war and terror.


As an integral part of the Federation’s Community Planning and Allocations Department, the Israel and Overseas Department is charged with the responsibilities of:

  • Working with our overseas partner agencies to understand the needs of our worldwide Jewish family
  • Working with other Federation departments to raise funds for vital needs (both through the Annual Campaign and specialized campaigns)
  • Working with Federation volunteers and committees to determine how funds can be allocated most effectively and efficiently
  • Working to engage more people in Federation programs and initiatives in Israel and worldwide


​Traveling soon? Contact Michèle Boukai, Israel and Overseas Director! 

Heading to Israel? Michèle can help you plan your trip, suggest an itinerary and tour guides,
and offer interesting person-to-person experiences in the Western Galilee.

Traveling to Budapest, JFGI's partner city in Europe? Michèle can help set up your visit, suggest an itinerary and tour guides, and offer interesting person-to-person experiences.

Going elsewhere? Michèle may be able to help with your plans and set you up with a Jewish experience.

Interested? Contact Michèle at 317-475-4274 or


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  • Community Shaliach

    The Jewish Agency's Community Shlichim program sends Israelis to serve in Jewish communities. Shlichim implement programs that are designed to increase Jewish awareness, knowledge, and pride; and to promote an understanding of Israel and its ideals.

  • Partnership2Gether

    Partnership2Gether is the Jewish Agency’s model for building enduring people-to-people relationships between global Jewish communities and communities in Israel.