Intergenerational Programs

Enacting the Jewish value of "dor l'dor"  - generation to generation

Family Jewish Experiences

Parents have the potential to be their children's best teachers. Jewish family learning programs empowers parents be their children's teacher while also educating the family as a whole about the richness of Jewish life and traditions. Check out upcoming programs including PJ Library programming supporting children aged 0 -11 through: PJ Baby Connect, PJ Library, and PJ Our Way.

Interfaith families make up an incresing number of the families in our community. We want to make sure that families of diverse backgrounds who are active in the Jewish community feel welcome and have the support needed to raise their children and grandchildren with a connection to Jewish life. JFGI's Interfaith Programming is designed to support parents, grandparents, and other adults involved in the spiritual growth of interfaith children.

Jewish tradition teaches that we need to teach each learner according to their own path - al pi darko. To meet the needs of diverse learners in our community, JFGI works to raise awareness of neurodiversity within our community and is available to provide resources to both schools and parents. Each year we also mark JDAIM (Jewish Disabilities Awareness, Acceptance, and Inclusion Month) with programming that helps our community celebrate rather than stigmatize differences.