Holocaust Survivor Services


In Hebrew, the word KAVOD means to honor or respect. It is the philosophy of Jewish Family Services (JFS) that there is no one more worthy of our honor or respect than the Holocaust Survivors who live among us.


Through focus groups, individual conversations, and surveys, JFS staff spent significant time simply learning about the population, identifying their needs and their hopes, and building trusting relationships. Much of the success going forward can be credited back to this process that allowed survivors to take part in the program-design, a process that promoted self-dignity and self-expression.


"I felt the loneliness very sharply, and this organization came to the rescue, KAVOD, which helps people who survived the war, who have irreparable wounds in their heart, who really need human connection, especially at this age."


Since launching the KAVOD initiative in 2016, Jewish Family Services staff have identified and assisted over 100 Holocaust Survivors in our community! Help us assist more survivors today!


You can help sponsor a KAVOD program, like a home visit with a social worker, group outing to the art museum or symphony orchestra, medical transportation, weekly English classes, or creating a video testimonial.

Holocaust Survivor Testimonial Video

Watch a brief video and learn first-hand about one Holocaust survivor's story on how she navigated and survived the Holocaust. Then learn how the rest of her life unfolded, included how she came to Indianapolis in the 90s.

Social Services Offered To Holocaust Survivors:

Case Management


Translation Services

Mental Health Support


Homemaker Services



Home Medications

Legal Aid 


Emergency Support

Ways to Give

Your donation will make an enourmous impact to more than 70 Holocaust survivors in the Indianapolis Jewish community in need.

Babushka's Kitchen

Babushka's Kitchen is a collection of recipes from the former Soviet Union. Get a taste of home and support support Survivors who live locally by purchasing Babushka's Kitchen. All proceeds benefit KAVOD. Contact Rachel at rkatz@jfgi.org for more information.

Socialization Programs

A major component of the KAVOD program includes a variety of outings that help support physical and cognitive development as well as reduce social isolation, a common struggle felt throughout older adult populations. Through KAVOD, participants have found a real support network and they have developed a true sense of community and belonging.


Contact Information

Support Survivors who live locally by purchasing Babushka's Kitchen. All proceeds benefit KAVOD. Contact Rachel for more information.

Rachel Katz
Assistant Director

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