Teacher Resources for Holocaust Education


Teaching about the Holocaust and genocide can seem daunting, especially when considering  the importance of having historically accurate information that fits the tone of the topic. The seriousness of the events combined with the emotional impact it can have on students makes the correct choice of resources even more important. We have compiled online resources to support teaching about the Holocaust and are also available to bring speakers to schools as well as offer field trips to enrich students’ learning.

We have divided resources thematically to support specific teaching unit of study.  The main categories are:

Holocaust Overview & Background Materials

Anne Frank: A Brief Life, A Lasting Legacy

White Bird: Deepening the Impact of a Graphic Novel

Antisemitism, Intolerance, & Stereotyping

Refugees During the Holocaust & Today

Contemporary Genocides (coming Soon)

On each page you will find a series of educational videos have been selected by the JFGI Holocaust Education Coordinator that would best provide your students with concise and accurate information. Some videos are suggested for an older audience and will be represented with GC to denote graphic content. However, when teaching about the Holocaust, it is important not to teach through a rose-colored lens.  We have also provided links to curricular resources that you can draw upon as you design your students’ unit of study related to the Holocaust.  We hope that you find these resources valuable and that they can assist in generating meaningful conversations in your classroom.

Please visit our School Resources page for information on resources that the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis (JFGI), the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), and other local Jewish organizations can provide regarding the Holocaust, antisemitism, Israel, Jewish history, contemporary Judaism, and more.