Family Multigenerational Philanthropy



Many donors want their loved ones to follow in their philanthropic footsteps but they are hesitant to start the conversations with their families. Often the questions is: where do we start?  A first step is to ask yourself what causes have been important to you. What does tzedakah mean to you? What’s your first memory of tzedakah and what does it mean to me? Did your family have a blue box?What’s the most meaningful gift you ever gave?


 By sharing your experiences and memories with your family, you are offering an opportunity to have meaningful conversations about legacy and values. The Federation Endowment staff have tools and expertise to help facilitate these type of conversations that can clarify charitable priorities and transmit your family’s values expectations and desires for your family .    


Your presence is needed. For your family. For your community. For Israel. For the Jewish people.


Today, through your generosity, federations are providing food, housing and employment assistance to some 350,000 Jewish children and adults living in poverty in the United States.


Today, federations support counseling and school-based programs that help ease the emotional and psychological wounds of more than 222,000 Israeli children exposed to violence and trauma.


Tomorrow, there will be unexpected crises that will undoubtedly and unfortunately affect our people. No matter where or when, you can be there for the federation, the Jewish community.


A planned gift to your Jewish community enables you to be present forever. Whether your gift is used to provide for the needs of the Jewish poor, to assist the elderly, to rescue Jews in need around the world or to fight anti-Semitism – no matter where or when in the future, you can be there to help.


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