When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, JFGI knew there would be an economic impact that would directly affect our community. With your help, we have always stepped up in times of crisis, and now would be no different. Except, this time, the emergency was at our door. To respond to the urgent needs, in April of 2020, we activated our Community Relief Fund (CRF) and have generated more than $850,000 to provide for our community’s most vulnerable. The pandemic has impacted each and every one of us in some way, but it hit people living on the margin the hardest. Thanks to your support, the CRF has allowed us to provide financial and emotional assistance to an increased number of community members while simultaneously allocating critical dollars to our community’s vital institutions.

To respond to urgent needs, we activated The Community Relief Fund (CRF) in April 2020. 

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Dr. and Mrs. John Abrams

Mr. Jeffrey Adler

Ackerman Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Batler

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Bell

Mr. Jay D. Benjamin

Mr. Elisha Sacks and
 Ms. Jennifer Berday

Mr. and Mrs. Gadi Boukai

Mr. and Mrs. David Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Calderon

Ms. Courtney Cantor

Louis B. and Linda E. Cantor

Mr. and Mrs Alan Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohen

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Cotlar

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dakich

Mr. and Mrs. David Dant

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Edenberg

Ms. Jessica Davis

Ms. Pamela Eicher

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Einhorn

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ekhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Elovitz

Ms. Jill Engel

Dr. David Fang

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Felsher

Mr. Joshua Fineman

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fisch

Mrs. Paula Fogle

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fogle

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Frank

Dr. Jonathan Fridell and

Dr. Jennifer Schwartz

Mrs. Karen Fried

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Friedman

Mr. Peter Fruehman

Mr. Lionel Galerman

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Ginsberg

Mr. Cyle Ginsberg

Mr. Aaron Girson and Ms. Stacy Segal

Mrs. Linda Glanzman

Mr. Robert M. Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Gold

Mrs. Paula S. Goldberg

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Goldberg

Ms. Winnie Goldblatt

Mr. Bashir Birany and
Ms. Rori Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein

Mr. Jonathan Goodall and
Ms. Shani Zucker

Ms. Janice Goodman

Ms. Deborah Goodwine

Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Grabovsky

Mrs. Sheila Greenwald

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gurin

Ms. Gloria Harris

Sandra, Alon and Rina Hayim

Mrs. Barbara F. Herman

Ms. Rhoda Israelov

Mr. Conrad Jacobs

Mr. Han J. Meadway and
Mr. Andrew Young

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Katz

Mr. Josh Kitterman

Mr. and Mrs. David Klapper

Steven R. Klapper, M.D. and
Elizabeth B. Klapper

Mr. David Kleiman

Mr. Stephan Kort

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kroot

Mr. Asaf Goldsten and

Mrs. Helen Kurlander Goldstein

Mr. Barry Landy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leventhal

Mrs. Sue Levin

Mr. Sanford J. Levinson

Mr. Hal Levine and
Mrs. Shari Lipp-Levine

Mrs. Barbara Levy

Dr. Trevor and Mrs. Dina Lissoos

Mr. Jerry Litwack

Josh Lodolo and Andrew Fritschle

Mr. and Mrs. Benton Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maurer

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Maurer

Mr. William Mervis

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Miroff

Mr. Jose Martin Ruelas and
Dr. Tracy Mishkin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mitchell

Mrs. Evelyn Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mundy

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ofengender

Mrs. Faye Owens​

The Paul Family Endowment

Mrs. Dorit Paul

Mrs. Eliose Paul

Mr. Brandon Blatt and

Mrs. Debra Pelletiere- Blatt

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Rich

Mrs. Nancy Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Riley

Morgan Rinder

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rosenberg

Ms. Nina Roskina

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roth

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rothbaum

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rothbaum

Mrs. Livia Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sandersen

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sandock

Rabbi Dennis Sasso and
Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Mr. James H. Schwarz

Mrs. Leona Shevitz

Mr. and Mrs. Yaniv Shmukler

Mr. Marvin Silberman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smulyan

Mr. Jeffrey Sondhelm

Mr. Stanley Talesnick

Mr. Josh Kaback and Mrs. Mollie Tavel

Mr. David Tulkop

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Turow

Mr. and Mrs.
David Vonnegut-Gabovitch

Ms. Lee Vriesman

Mrs Penelope Wadleigh

Ms. Lisa Waite

Mr. Benny Weidberg and
Mrs. Idrienne Steinman-Weidberg

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Weisberger

Mr. and Mrs. Natan Weisburd

Ms. Alexandra Weiss

Ms. Sandra Werner

Ms. Daniell Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wolf, Jr.

Mr. Andrew H. Wolf

Mr. Barry Wormser and
Mrs. Jackie Bolles

Mr. Roger Snyder and
Mrs. Cynthia Yosha-Snyder