JFGI Education Innovation and Collaboration Grants


The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis is proud to be taking a leadership role in developing a Jewish educational response to our changing understanding of community demographics and needs.  In order to build momentum throughout the community and support educational innovation, JFGI is excited to support two grant opportunities: JFGI Jewish Education Innovation Grants and JFGI Education Collaboration Grants.  


• The JFGI Jewish Education Innovation Grant supports educational innovation that fosters learner-focused pedagogic approaches and promotes differentiated forms of instruction for K-7 learners.  The programs should actively incorporate differentiated models of instruction and aim to engage learners through a variety of learning modalities. Along with funds, this grant provides the grantees with consultative support from JFGI and assistance with program evaluation processes. 


• The JFGI Education Collaboration Grants focus on promoting synergistic programming that builds community and a sense of belonging among learners of all ages in the Greater Indianapolis Jewish Community. The grant awards up to $1,000 to promote a programmatic initiative that involves collaboration among more than one organization and promotes community building among multiple populations within our community. This grant is an opportunity for members of our community to bring to life programs they have wished for and enrich Jewish life in Indy by bringing the community together to learn, celebrate, and grow.  


Grant applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be announced to the community in January 2019. We are looking forward to learning from the exciting new ideas and programs that emerge from these two Jewish education grant opportunities.     

Contact Nina Price, JFGI Director of Jewish Education Initiatives, at 317-715-6993 or nprice@jfgi.org for additional information.