JFGI Education Innovation and Collaboration Grants


Informed by our community's recent demographic study and strategic planning process, JFGI is committed to promoting Jewish educational programming that aims to reach both current members of the Jewish community and those who are not yet connected. One of JFGI's primary strategic focus areas is:


Jewish Learning and Experience: Serve as a resource and facilitator in providing an array of meaningful Jewish educational and learning initiatives, both formal and informal, collaborating with others to address multi-generational needs.


One of the ways JFGI aims to make progress in this strategic focus area is through partnering with community organizations to strengthen the overall landscape of Jewish education in our community and broaden who is connecting with our community through learning. In order to build momentum throughout the community and support educational innovation, JFGI is exciting to announce two grant opportunities for the 2019-2020 academic year: JFGI Education Innovation Grants and JFGI Education Collaboration Grants.

JFGI Jewish Education Innovation Grants

The JFGI Jewish Education Innovation Grant for the 2019-2020 academic year is designed to focus on geographic innovation. The grant parameters are as follows:

  • A grant of up to $4,000 will be provided to individual organizations connected with the JEdI Council for programming implemented during the 2019-2020 academic year that focuses on geographic innovation. There may be an opportunity to apply for additional funding for the following academic year based on the success of the grant program and proposals for future expansion.
  • Grant funds are designed to promote innovative Jewish educational programming with an emphasis placed on programs that expand beyond the walls of the buildings in which our Jewish community organizations traditionally meet. The programs must be implemented in new settings and aim to reach unaffiliated community members through bringing Jewish holidays and values to the geographical edges of our community.
  • We recognize that innovative projects will involve experimentation and that the program ideas may evolve over the course of the academic year. In the application, we are seeking a general idea for a strategy to bring your organization's educational strengths to a broader audience. The applications will be evaluated based on the innovative nature of the ideas presented and the quality of hte implementation strategies presented.

JFGI Education Collaboration Grants

The JFGI Education Collaboration Grants focus on promoting synergistic programming that builds community and a sense of belong among learners of all ages in the Greater Indianapolis Jewish community. The grant parameters are as follows:

  • Grants of up to $1,800 will be award to programmatic initiatives that involve collaboration among more than one organization and promote community building among multiple populations within our community.
  • Ideas for programs can be developed by Jewish communal professionals and/or by individual community members. However, if individuals develop an idea, they must find at least two organizational partners (at least one of which is part of the JEdI Council) with whom to collaborate on the application and the project.
  • The JFGI Education Collaboration Grants are open to a broad range of ideas and proposals, with preference given to programs that demonstrate alignment with JFGI's strategic goals and promote deepened Jewish engagement.

Overall guidelines for these JFGI education grants are as follows:

  • Grants are available to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations in the Greater Indianapolis area whose mission is compatible with the mission of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis.
  • Proposals must be for programs that respond to unmet needs in the Jewish community or create innovative Jewish engagement opportunities in the Greater Indianapolis area.
  • Programs may be of educational, social, cultural, or social service nature, and must have a significant Jewish component.
  • Applicants must demonstrate measurable positive outcomes.
  • Requested amount may not exceed 75% of the projected total program budget. the Rest of the budget must come from the organization's internal resources, fund raising, fees, other grants, etc.
  • Grant recipients must acknowledge the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis in all publicity materials as follows: "The (name of the program) is made possible by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis," and are required to include the JFGI logo on publicity materials. There is also a requirement that targeted participant contact information be submitted to JFGI.
  • Funds must be used during the program's specified timeframe; any unused funds must be returned to JFGI.
  • Funds may not be used for any other program or for general operating expenses.
  • Any prospective changes to the program/service must be discussed with JFGI prior to making any adjustments.
  • Part of the grant requirement will be an evaluation of the program and documentation that will help promote potential program growth in the future.
  • Along with funds, these grants provide the grantees with consultative support from JFGI as well as opportunities to publicize programs through JFGI's marketing channels.

Grant applications are due by Friday, April 12 at noon. Applications should be sent directly to Nina Price, JFGI Director of Jewish Education Initiatives, at nprice@jfgi.org. Grant awards will be announced by Friday, May 31. Award recipients will also be acknowledged at JFGI's Annual Meeting on the evening of Wednesday, June 5.